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Semi Circle Foam Cut 2 Size


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Product Description

Foam cut to size:

Enter your dimensions corresponding to the letters displayed on the shape selected. We cut your foam to specified size and shape. Free next day delivery when you spend £15.

For next day delivery order before 12PM.

If you require making a template for us to copy onto foam as the shape you require is not listed, please select the “custom shape”. If you need help please call us on 0191 2344535 or email us at and one of our team members will gladly assist you.

Grades and suitability’s:

Budget blue – Grade 33 is our most used grade which is widely used in the upholstery trade for dining pads, upholstery repairs, garden seating, window seats etc. Grade 33 is a firm foam.

Premium blue- Grade 39 is very similar to the Grade 33 and is a firm foam perfect for sofa seats if you want a very firm cushion, it also has its uses for upholstery repairs, window seating, dining pads etc. Grade 39 is a premium version of the Grade 33 so will naturally last a lot longer.

Premium grey- Grade 40 is a very luxurious comfortable grade which is used very regular on sofa seats due to its high resistance and its bounce back touch. If you want comfort but resistance this grade is for you.

Premium soft- Grade 30 is a very soft foam which in the upholstery trade is usually used on back cushions, this grade is also used for soft mattress toppers.

6lb chip- Grade 6lb chip is used for hard wearing seats and is a very firm grade. Commonly used for bar seating as its hard wearing meaning its density manages to withstand commercial purposes.

What is Dacron ? Used as a finishing wrap on foam ensuring ease when inserting into covers. The Dacron copies the shape of the foam to eliminate any imperfections on the foam itself. It is sanitary and encourages the foam to maintain its shape for a longer duration by forming a protective barrier.

What is Stockinette ? This is used to ease the fitting of the foam into the cushion and prevent premature wear to the foam itself and the cushion cover fabric. It aids the ease of inserting the foam inside of the cushion and aids the cushion in retaining its shape once encased inside of the cushion.
Stockinette is made from 100% cotton.


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